Finally, a classical music player that makes sense

Transform Spotify into a magical classical music jukebox - browse composers, genres and periods, create playlists of multi-movement works, start no-nonsense radio stations and much, much more!

The "classical problem"

Online music is here to stay. But all players are created for popular music, based on singers, albums and, specially, tracks. Classical music demands a very different approach: it is based on composers, works, performers (a plenty of them) and movements. The traditional singer name/song title taxonomy doesn't fit. Concertmaster tries to bring the complex metadata of classical music to online music. It fetches information from several sources on the web to create a new classical-oriented player that works on top of Spotify.

Designed for
classical music

Say goodbye to tracks and welcome multi-movement works!

Composers, works and much more

220 composers and tens of thousands of works, conveniently organized: A to Z, by genre, by period. Set favorite composers and works and browse directly to them.

No-nonsense radio stations

The typical classical music online radio is pure chaos: the "sacrificial dance" from "The Rite of Spring", one prelude from "The Well-Tempered Clavier", then a slow movement from some Mozart piano concerto... stop this erratic movement swapping and embrace a classical radio that makes sense: only complete works and fully programmable.

Credits go all to the artists

No more guessing games: each recording presents full credits of its performers: orchestras, conductors, soloists, singers, chamber groups...

1, 2, 3, easy as A-B-C

Albums and tracks are convenient for popular music but not suitable at all for classical music and its large, fragmented works. Say hi to a classical music player designed for multi-movement sets, that presents both a detailed view of each movement and a global progress bar of the work as a whole.

Playlists galore!

Organize recordings by setting them favorites or by creating playlists, which can be played randomically as a radio station, or sequentially, in a order decided by you.

Quality control

Use automated filters to eliminate bad, old or incomplete recordings from the library. And enjoy our smart radio feature, that tries to understand your tastes to set up a perfect station just for you.

Try it

Concertmaster runs directly on your web browser and is completely free to use. Enjoy!

Please note that Concertmaster itself is free but its usage requires a Spotify Premium subscription.

Available on

Any computer with Chrome, Firefox or Edge browsers. Phone app: soon!


Is Concertmaster a standalone service? Do I have to subscribe?

Concertmaster is just a Spotify front-end and it is completely free of charge. But, since the music itself will be streamed directly from Spotify, you'll need a Spotify Premium subscription.

I am a Deezer/Apple Music/Google Play Music/Xbox Music subscriber, can I use Concertmaster? Why not?

You need Spotify to use Concertmaster. Concertmaster chose Spotify as back-end because of its huge share of market, world-wide adoption and strong developer support (public API/SDK).

Where does the information come from? Is it legal?

Concertmaster fetches its data about composers, works and recordings from several publicly accessible, online sources. Since this kind of information is factual and not authorial, it is not covered by copyright law and, therefore, perfectly legal to collect automatically - just like Google does, for example. However, if you represent some data source and find Concertmaster to be breaking its terms of use, don't hesitate to reach us.

Is Concertmaster only for computers? Can I run it on my phone/tablet?

Due to Spotify limitations, Concertmaster isn't available on mobile devices. For now ;-)

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